In the realm of color, my clients embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and transformation. I see them as the true experts of their own desires, while I serve as a guiding light, helping them navigate through obstacles and unlock their full potential. This is the story of a couple caught in a color roadblock, where their true road to liberation was not what they initially believed.

A Fireplace As a Roadblock

When a couple found themselves at a crossroads with their home, unsure of whether to undertake an extensive remodeling project or search for a new house, they reached a point of indecision. The fireplace wall stood as a significant roadblock, symbolizing the challenges and uncertainties they faced. The dark, rough cedar surface and an oval-shaped forest carving above the fireplace added to their sense of discontent. The wife recognized the need for a change and sought my intervention.

The Unpacking Of Color Baggage

As I stepped into her home, it became evident why the fireplace wall seemed insurmountable. However, my client possessed a vibrant personality, a keen eye for color, and a love for whimsicality. Her appreciation for kitsch designs and the nostalgia of the 1960s architecture resonated deeply with her. It was clear that her color baggage held the key to unlocking the hidden potential within her home.

All Is Possible When We Are In Connection

Together, we delved into her color baggage, exploring the richness of subterranean dark browns and warm yellows present in her fabrics and art. I invited her to envision a perfect shade of deep yellow sunshine, akin to a Pendleton blanket. Suddenly, her abstract art came alive against this vibrant hue, diverting attention from the dominant fireplace wall. We discussed how the yellow would harmoniously bridge the wood beams on the ceiling to the hardwood floors, while drawing focus to the lush green view outside the windows. I assured her that if she still didn't appreciate the transformation, she could always paint over it later.

A Yellow Brick Road Appears

As she embarked on painting her walls with the chosen shade of yellow, excitement filled the air. She couldn't wait to share the results with me. Stepping through her door, I was greeted by her radiant sense of hope and the tangible transformation that had taken place. The fireplace was no longer the focal point; it was she who shone with newfound energy and synchronicity. The space exuded harmony and delight, a testament to the profound change within her. However, the true test awaited when her husband arrived.

A Path Must Traveled

Unexpectedly, her husband confessed his dislike for yellow. A few months later, she made the decision to leave him. It became evident that the fireplace was never the true roadblock. Instead, it was a catalyst that revealed deeper issues within their relationship and the misalignment of their paths.

The journey of color and self-discovery is a profound one, where roadblocks are often not what they seem. Through embracing vibrant hues and unlocking the hidden potential within our spaces, we gain insight into ourselves and our relationships. The story of this couple serves as a reminder that true transformation lies not in the external circumstances but within our hearts and minds. May this tale inspire you to embark on your own color journey of self-realization and embrace the limitless possibilities that await.

Wishing you a transformative and colorful path of self-discovery,