Color Baggage® by Gretchen Schauffler is the ultimate color destination to a home that feels gorgeous and complete—baggage and all.

Gretchen Schauffler is an artist who expertly adapts and crafts wall paint colors that synchronize all living areas throughout a home in extraordinary ways. Her COLORWRIGHT™ Paint Formulations and Baggage Wheel Collections are expertly adapted and crafted to harmonize baggage in a home based on personal color attraction, chemistry, and connection. Her paint paths lead to true love and colorful affairs in a home that that last a lifetime.


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CB Seashell-Matte™ Finish (Indoor Walls)

CB Silkworm-Satin™ Finish (Indoor Wall & Millwork)


Chalk-Style Talc-Matte (Indoor All Purpose)

Glaze Chiffon-Satin (Indoor All Purpose)

Glaze Chiffon-Satin (Outdoor All Purpose)

Furniture Chiffon-Satin (Indoor Millwork & Metal)

Furniture Chiffon-Satin (Outdoor Millwork & Metal)

Door Chiffon-Satin (Outdoor Millwork & Metal)

Foundation Primer (Indoor Millwork & Metal)

Foundation Primer (Outdoor Millwork & Metal)


Welcome to Color Baggage! From the brilliant mind of Gretchen Schauffler, creator of Devine Color, a new coloring experience with the power to create true love in your life, starting at home. 

Gretchen's COLORWRIGHT™ Paint Formulations are divinely crafted and synchronized-to-harmonize a home based on personal color attraction, chemistry, and connection. Her painting paths lead to true love and colorful affairs in a house that lasts a lifetime. 

She chose the family-owned 97-year-old Diamond Vogel Paint Company as her paint manufacturer due to their mad engineering paint-making skills and commitment to honoring her synchronized-to-harmonize COLORWRIGHT™ paint formulations she singly creates, shakes, and tests on walls before they go on yours.


CB Seashell-Matte™ Interior Wall Finish is more than just paint; it's a masterpiece inspired by the inner beauty of seashells. It gives you a flawless, beautiful, durable look and feel of limestone, the building block of seashells, chalk, marble, and coral in an exclusive deluxe acrylic paint formula. This gives our masterful color harmonies a visual and visceral energy that resonates deep in our bones. Experience the transformative effects of CB Seashell Matte, where wall colors carry the stories of ancient seas and the enduring spirit of connection.

  • Masterful COLORWRIGHT™ Harmony 
  • Flawless Limestone Look
  • High Pigment Concentrate
  • Seamless Touch-ability 

CB Silkworm Satin™ Interior wall and trim finish is more than just paint; it embodies the wondrous miracle of silk and its shimmering properties while delivering the unparalleled quality of our exclusive deluxe acrylic paint formula. Silkworms embody the energy and spirit of alchemy and transformation that resonates deeply in our hearts. Silk unfailingly represents beauty, luxury, and the rich tapestry of human history and tradition. Therefore, it is the perfect muse to echo the reflective, energetic side of color.

  • Masterful COLORWRIGHT™ Harmony 
  • Organic Silk Shimmer Look 
  • High Pigment Concentrate
  • Fabulous Spray & Roll


Separation Will Occur

CB MATTE FORMULAS are so limestone, rich and thick, like yogurt, mayo, ketchup, or mustard, separation will occur, and water will rise to the top. You must stir very well before brushing, rolling, or spraying. CB SATIN FORMULAS formulas are so silky, smooth, and buttery that using a great brush or a smooth roller is best to lather your surfaces. You must stir very well before brushing, rolling, or spraying.

Two Coats Is Always Better Than One

In nail polish terms, a double coat doubles the richness of the color. One generous coat will cover the wall. Two coats will blanket the surface perfectly even, making the color look twice as rich and, logically, protecting the wall with more paint, making it twice as durable.

A little goes a long way.

Surface preparation is always a must. Walls need to be clean, dry, and able to have paint adhere. After you paint, store your paint in smaller containers to keep it air-tight. Think canning and store paint in canning jars like canned fruits. Leave a little air at the top, and seal well.


Paint brands are a lot like cars. All regulations and parts are the same but are driven differently due to cost and engineering. As a paint applicator, you will find our paint effortless to apply. Ours is a joy ride. Technical Sheets + Support upon request. Please email Frontdesk@colorbaggage.com to set up pre-ordering + paint installation walk-through.


Color Baggage® is not responsible for how the products are used or the condition of the surfaces to which they are applied. If any issues arise with the product itself, Color Baggage® will solely offer a replacement and will not be held accountable for any matters beyond the replacement of the product.


Gretchen Schauffler's Colorwright™ journey with paint started right after she became a mother and moved the "motherhood." Taking a leap of faith, she quit her job and began to explore paint and color in her home vehicle of belonging and connection. What she created was a painted path to true love for others to follow. She started by blending paint colors, making glazes, and harmonizing shades, tints, and tones based on attraction, chemistry, and connection. Then, she used her walls as giant canvases to experiment with different color interchanges.

Using what is now her own COLORWRIGHT™ spin on interior wall color and her customized paint formulas, she showed people how they could become masters of their colorful history and a home that celebrated their life by feeling beautiful and complete—baggage and all, across style, trends, or status.

Gretchen's work over the last 20 years has shown that color is not just an aesthetic choice but a powerful tool for creating harmony and transforming lives. The color proportion, consonance, and energy she produces are unique, resulting in exciting connections that foster true love and harmony in a home. Gretchen believes color is magnetic, harmony runs through the universe, and her paint buckets can lead to profound personal growth and transformation.

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