A Note From Gretchen


There's colorful baggage that lives inside of us, unconditional cravings and attractions for colors we deeply love because they bring us so much joy. Whatever colors we are attracted to, we carry these color connections wherever we go. We feel their energy beyond what we see whenever we bring them into awareness. 

I call this living from a colorful state of mind!

Before you know it, living in this state every day, will have natural consequences. You will start choosing connection over perfection, clarity over conflict, harmony over monotony, and growth over change. As you step more into your own limelight, you will inspire others to do the same, and make the world a more beautiful place.

 Side effects may include:

  • A state of perpetual satisfaction that never goes away.
  • Freedom to rise above self-doubt and temporary trends.
  • A confident ability to know what you love from now on.
  • An urge to dispose of colors that no longer serve you.

From my bag to yours,

Gretchen Schauffler.