About Devine Color


I can't tell you how much I appreciate your enthusiasm for Devine Color over the years! It was a transformative color experience that no one could ever recreate or duplicate because it came from the bottom of my bag, my color baggage, colors I love, based on memories and experiences that I carry and use to live in a colorful state of mind that rewards me with a rich sense of well-being, and satisfaction every time they walk in through their front door. Giving people a path to reach their colorful state of mind is my gift to the world and the reason I created that path through Devine Color.

As it existed in its original Devine Color palette and formulas, the original Devine paint does not exist today. 

New environmental requirements and supply chains over the last 25 years changed the color formulas and paint formulations. All paint companies have matched and have a version of my colors. None of their versions are the same. Over time, touching up Devine walls became hard to do. 

Nor did they ever feel the same. 

As I launched Color Baggage with new colors, paint formulations, and my Paint Practice after a long hiatus in the paint industry (long story longer), I reflected on my old Devine Colors, pulled them out, and decided to create a version of my own. Sure enough, you won't believe them when you see them.

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