Interior Paint Colors

A Synchronized Master Palette

Gretchen Schauffler's color work is based on reminiscent colors, eternally present in nature and previous lifetimes. These colors are magnetized together by a paint constellation that connects time and space, revealing and reinforcing color relationships, memories, and experiences that nourish our true nature and synchronize the way you want to feel in your home every day. To trust and test their chemistry and connection with your color baggage at home, Gretchen offers every color in Color Pop three-oz paint testers that cover a 2'x4' area, quarts, gallons, and drums. 

Different paint brands are like different car brands. All the parts are the same. They cost, look, feel, and drive very differently due to how they're engineered. Having been a DIY painter all her life, Gretchen's commitment to liberating homeowners from color conflict and painting anxiety always results in the most beautiful and effortless paint applications.

She wants homeowners to own the road.


Seashell Matte Interior

Designed by Gretchen Schauffler to make painting a personal journey and transcendent coloring ritual, CB Seashell-Matte™ inspired by the inside of a Bainbridge butter clam, makes the full-color range, from light-to-dark wall colors, look insanely rich and supple. This premium latex enamel comes in an exclusive color-blending yogurt-stirring paint formula that binds color and finish together into a velvety masterpiece.

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Silkworm Satin Interior/Exterior

 Designed by Gretchen Schauffler to make painting a personal journey and transcendent coloring ritual, CB Silkworm-Satin™ latex enamel will give you the hardness and durability of oil with latex color retention and conveniences. The look of this new silk sheen elevates color reflection to a whole new level. Brushstrokes melt away, delivering phenomenal flow, leveling, anti-sag, anti-drip. The durable interior/exterior finish makes it an ideal product for residential and commercial interior or exterior millwork, wood, masonry, and metal substrates. It's a weather-resistant enamel with excellent resistance to blocking. 

Technical Data Sheet

We offer painters a discount on our paint products and always ask them to pass this discount to you. 

Enjoy the journey as much as your destination! —G