Solo Journeys

Paint has the illusional power to make everything in a place feel fabulous and meaningful overnight, regardless circumstances or trends. With our paint colors, all you have to do is trust what you see, and feel. Born out of a desire to enjoy our journeys as much as our destinations, we will be with you each divine step of the way, so you can reach the colorful places you are meant to live and make the world a better place.

Are You InThe Middle of a Paint Color Crisis?

One Stop

Déjà vu hues magnetized together by a paint constellation that connects time and space, revealing and reinforcing color relationships, memories, and experiences that nourish our true nature.

Connecting Flights

Octet and Trio paint testers to spark your intuition and test their chemistry and connection at home. Surrender to your color attractions, and reflect on who you are confidently in the name of growth and change.

Desired Destinations

Color Baggage uses color as a metaphor for light and a vehicle for nourishment, self-worth, and elevation. It has the power to center us with beauty, especially during times of uncertainty, change, and growth.

Solo Journey