I bought my first home this year, and while I knew what I wanted my home to feel like, I had no idea how to achieve it. I was dangerously close to painting my whole house white, until I got the chance to work with Gretchen who inspired me to paint the home in all kinds of absolutely gorgeous colors that all complement each other so beautifully in ways I never would have thought of on my own. She's truly a color genius. I didn't realize how much color would matter to me in my home until I painted my office a deep, eggplant, or my kitchen a midnight blue, or my bedroom with a mauve accent wall. These walls bring me genuine joy when I see them, even months later. Gretchen is such a joy to work with – she goes so far beyond simply recommending a nice color palette. She really gets to understand how you want to feel in each space, which is something I hadn't really thought of in terms of color before. My home feels elegant and warm in a way that brings me so much joy. I'm SO happy I followed her advice :)

Julianne, Homeowner & Connection Enthusiast


"Gretchen's superpower is helping clients make their homes more than a dwelling place, but an extension of their identities. Her superpower isn't just a keen artistic eye for complementary palettes and lighting - although that's part of it. Her gift is in helping her clients discover the colors that speak to them and giving them permission to shine brightly! What she helped me discover is that it's scary to be your true self and much easier to be palatable for others - it'd be easier to paint my house a trendy white than to get curious about the colors that remind me of my favorite childhood memories, family, and milestones. Thank you, Gretchen, for the color consultation turned therapy session - I'm sure this is intentional! Thanks for the permission to add COLOR to my life and home and for creating such beautiful, thoughtful colors."— Dianne, New Homeowner & Life Enthusiast"

— Dianne, Homeowner, Delightful Enthusiast


"Gretchen created warm and engaging environments that make our families feel immediately comfortable no matter where they are from or their circumstances. She brought in so much color and vibrancy; it helps families to make memories immediately and allows our physical space to mirror our mission. Thanks to her, our Ronald McDonald house embodies compassionate hospitality."  — Jessica Jarratt Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Ronald McDonald House Charities." 

— Jessica Jarratt Miller, C.E.O, Ronald McDonald House Charities


"I know clients and friends who have spent weeks, days, hours stressing and agonizing over paint colors, inside and out. They have spent a fortune on samples and time painting swatches all over their walls. When I realize this overwhelmed state, I refer my clients to Gretchen in a second. She will, quickly, confidently and without hesitation, nail your colors. Just like that! No wishy-washy uncertainty. You will be happy, relieved, and confident in yourself, as the colors will be perfect. Gretchen nails it every time. #worthit"

Bonnie BWH Design


“I am just stunned by this awakening in color choosing for my walls!! This was a completely new way for me of choosing color and the results are fabulous. I even started a blog to keep my family updated on my painting adventures- I have never had this much fun!  Thank you, Gretchen!!”

—Dorene, Home Owner & Creative Enthusiast 


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