CB Bronzi Faux-Glaze Kit



6 Color Paint Pops, 1 Primer Pop, and 1 Glaze Pop in the finish of your choice. Each 1.5-oz pop covers a 1 x 2.5 ft wall area. Paint and glazes are available in quarts and gallons.


A little goes a long way. 

All paint, glaze, and primer pops cover approximately 1.5 to 2 sqft. There is plenty for you to do swatches on multiple surface areas.

Test your work with a white border. 

We recommend testing your faux-glaze creations on 8x11 cardstock and leaving a white edge, which will differentiate your color so you can see it without being affected by surrounding colors. Specifically, the ones you are painting over. Fold the white borders to help you see how light or dark colors look with specific wood colors, art, fabrics, and other surfaces.

Color separation will occur. 

CB paint formulas are so rich and thick, like yogurt, mayo, ketchup, or mustard, separation will occur, and water will rise to the top. You must stir very well before brushing or rolling. You can remix it by gently stroking the paint and blending it. You can also pour the entire amount into a bowl and stir with a spoon. After you paint, seal the paint pop bag with scotch tape or rinse, let it dry, and recycle.

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  • Chiffon-Satin Indoor
  • Indoor-Talc Indoor
  • Chiffon-Satin Outdoor


  • Exclusive Concentrated Glaze Formulas You Can Adjust With Water 
  • The Slow-Drying Leveling and Flow of Oil In A Water-Based Formula
  • Low VOC Fade-Resistant Deluxe Acrylic Latex

Gretchen Schauffler's groundbreaking Color Baggage Indoor and Outdoor Faux-Finish Glazes and their sheens are exclusive, crafted, concentrated, and canned for you to adjust with water, making it the most beautiful, effortless project glaze to apply in the market.

The concentrated glaze formulation can be thinned with water to create multiple effects. Watch brushstrokes melt away, delivering the slow-drying leveling and oil flow in a water-based formula. 

Whether you aim for a cement-like finish, a rustic patina, or a dimensional color surface, the results will exceed your expectations.

Gretchen's color baggage journey started as an artist who turned her feelings into art, then onto walls. Her art and heart were sold in galleries such as Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery in Seattle, Washington, White Bird Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon, Clarksville Pottery in Austin, Texas, and the Bellevue Art Museum before using walls as canvases. There was no turning back once she created faux finishes, murals, and paint colors from her art that became divine interventions in people's lives. (Read the unabridged version here).

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