Color Baggage, The Art Of Transformation by Gretchen Schauffler, is a game-changing theory and method that uses the color wheel as a vehicle of enlightenment, your colorful memories and experiences, and a bucket of paint to transform and harmonize your environment homes with shades of belonging, chemistry, and connection. While the harmonies are always different, the end result is always the same. Where harmony rules, growth, creativity, and possibility are sure to follow, magnetizing more of the same. But here's the best part: Color Baggage's effects compound over time. The deliberate and intentional application of color to create an environment that reflects one's sense of colorful beauty fosters a profound sense of satisfaction. It elevates self-awareness, clarity, and overall well-being. This holistic approach significantly improves both mental and emotional health, allowing individuals to cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of themselves. This helps individuals develop a stronger foundation for personal growth and self-expression, thereby facilitating a greater sense of control and fulfillment in their lives.

"Wishing you a vibrant and inspiring place that resonates with your true essence." —Gretchen



Gretchen Schauffler's journey with painting started as a way to find belonging, growth, and expansion. Through her love for art, she discovered the power of color and how it could be used to create harmony in people's lives. Gretchen started blending paint colors, making glazes, and coordinating custom colors, using her walls as giant canvases to experiment with different color palettes. Drawing inspiration from the seven colors of the rainbow, Gretchen used the Color Wheel as a vehicle of enlightenment. She showed people how to become masters of their own color palettes. Using a bucket of paint as a creative and transformative ritual, anyone could paint their home in shades of belonging, affinity, and connection. Gretchen's work has shown that color is not just an aesthetic choice but a powerful tool for creating harmony and transforming lives. The color harmonies she creates are always unique, but the results are the same - where harmony exists, growth, prosperity, and possibility will follow. Color is magnetic, and harmony runs the Universe. With Gretchen's guidance, anyone can become a color baggage expert and use the Color Wheel to create a space that reflects their true selves. By harmonizing their color palettes, individuals can unlock their full potential and transform their lives. Gretchen's passion for color has truly shown how something as simple as a bucket of paint can lead to profound personal growth and transformation.




Seashell-Matte™ Interior Wall Finish.

Inspired by the inside of a Bainbridge butter clam to make our full-color range, from light to dark, look insanely rich and supple.

  • 3 oz paint samples cover approximately 2'X4' sqft.
  • Quarts cover approximately 100-150 sqft.
  • Gallons cover approximately 400-450 sqft.
  • 5-gallon drums cover approximately 1,500-2,000 sqft.

Silkworm | Satin Interior/Exterior Trim Finish

The most glamorous sheen on the market, it never yellows and has the hardness and durability of oil with acrylic latex color retention and convenience. Watch brushstrokes melt away right before your eyes.

  • Quarts 100-50 sqft.
  • Gallons approximately 400-450 sqft.


Dear Painter,

As you know, paint brands are a lot like cars. All regulations and parts are the same, but in cost, look, and feel, due to their engineering, they drive very differently. Having been a DIY painter all my life, I committed to liberating homeowners from color conflict and painting anxiety with the most beautiful and effortless paint application. I engineered a colorful transformational ride from beginning to end so the homeowner owns both the road and the destination.

I chose the family-owned 97-year-old Diamond Vogel Paint Company as my paint manufacturer due to their superb paint-engineering skills and commitment to honoring my color craft by combining my art form with a paint formula and finish that delivers a one-of-a-kind color transformational experience.

Technical Sheets are available below to ensure your safety.

Seashell Matte Interior

Technical Data Sheet

Silkworm Satin Interior/Exterior

Technical Data Sheet

We offer a professional painter's discount and ask you to please pass this value to the homeowner. We can always do so on your behalf.

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In 2021, after a five-year non-compete in the paint industry, Gretchen Schauffler decided it was time to stir things up again and chose Diamond Vogel to share her color mission and engineer her new paint recipes. 

MEET  Diamond Vogel

  • 96 Year-Old Paint Company
  • Family-Owned
  • Committed to honoring Gretchen's color craft by combining my art form with a paint formula and finish that delivers a one-of-a-kind color transformational experience.

Previously Gretchen has worked with regional, national, and international paint manufacturers such as General Paints in Ireland, Hirshfields in Minneapolis, and Selectone in Canada to create the powerhouse cult brand Devine Color, Color Therapy From The Northwest. Devine Color was purchased by Valspar Paint in 2009, followed by the acquisition of both Valspar Paint and Devine Color by Sherwin Williams in 2018.


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