An intuitive color journey that intentionally utilizes wall color, the most boundless color in a home, to fill spaces with a tangible emotional atmosphere and energy that all the baggage in the world cannot fill.


The experience is more sensorial and sensational that way. Gretchen's virtual consultation makes it easy to engage in color conversation from anywhere in the country. The contemplative color journey feels like you are being guided by your inner voice rather than an expert. You can still see her on Zoom and FaceTime without constantly watching her reactions. You connect with your baggage and environment from a self-aware state rather than self-consciously. On the other hand, she gets to do it across the country without boarding planes, trains, or automobiles.

What Sets GRETCHEN'S Work Apart?

Paint Paths To True Love.

Gretchen gives you permission, courage, and confidence to possess your home with a paint palette for walls deeply rooted in color attraction, chemistry, and connection, resulting in a colorful love affair that, like true love, transcends time, trends, or status. 

Once you choose this path, everything in your home, including colors you can't change or let go of, feels meaningful, beautiful, and meant to be regardless of trends or circumstances.

Your home no longer looks decorated with nice stuff but inspired and connected by an intangible sense of belonging that speaks of true love and self-worth.

And so will you.

Color Baggage liberates you from:

  1. Doubting your own color sense.
  2. Worrying about being judged for your color choices.
  3. Fearing a major color blunder.
  4. Living in a home that never feels quite finished.
  5. Spending money on room makeovers that make other rooms seem unloved.
  6. Having a home full of stuff instead of filled with a sense of belonging and abundance.

We live in the middle of HGTV, Pinterest, and influencer design trends that create a high level of anxiety about the state of our homes and our own color judgments. Therefore, Gretchen lives by the motto, "Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper."
Showing someone else's color baggage, attractions, and true love will not help you find yours. The paint path to true love and colorful destinations you are looking for lives inside of you. Her clients are the ones who share their Color Baggage experience with friends and family through referrals and reviews.

We hope you will too!

Do you work with WHITE?

There's a big difference between a blank wall and a white wall: using white to paint walls and loving white. Most people use white on walls out of fear, avoidance, or indecision. When presented with true love, they rarely use it on walls. Gretchen grew up around glistening crystal white walls in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She genuinely loves white and uses it as a compelling accent to contrast and energize other colors. She will help you decide if you love white based on genuine attraction and , and help you use it in spectacular ways that go beyond the generic lack-luster effect of white walls in trendy homes.


In Gretchen's own words:

When I moved from Portland, Oregon, to San Juan, Puerto Rico, I stood out like a lime green thumb in a world of hunter green. Instead of trying to fit in, I trusted my colorful experiences and attractions to adapt and thrive in a new ever-changing environment. Surrounded by a foreign culture and landscape unlike anything I had known, I clung to my internal rainbow of color experiences and painted my walls like a child would color their cardboard box.

Then, the real magic happened. My home became a universe of delight and satisfaction. 

It was only a short time before I began to help others turn their cardboard boxes into sanctuaries, oases, and heavens.

Having done over 5,000 colorful makeover paint plans in the last two decades, I've come to believe that people cannot afford to be anyone but themselves and wall color is the most powerful, transformational, self-expanding, self-fulfilling, manifesting, self-actualizing color in a home, and in one's life.

I named my company Color Baggage based on the following paragraph in a book I wrote back in 2006 called Devine Color When Color Sings;

"Growing up in Puerto Rico, I lived with boundless color. Color is timeless in the Caribbean, and it's a place where buildings are hot pink, orange, yellow, ocean blue, and parrot green. Because it's a destination nestled between America and Europe, both influenced the styles and colors of the culture. It was easy to love both the old and the new. This is the color baggage I brought with me to my world, and I was not afraid of it. Quite the contrary!"

When I shared the name Color Baggage with others, the reaction was mixed. Some were curious, and some thought it could be perceived as negative. Others loved it and understood my intent right away. 

That's what art is meant to do. Provoke a reaction not caused by notes, colors, or words but by our experiences. Making the case and point.

Who MANUFACTURES your paint?

Gretchen Schauffler chose the family-owned 97-year-old Diamond Vogel Paint Company as her paint manufacturer due to their mad engineering paint-making skills and commitment to honoring her synchronized-to-harmonize Colorwright™ paint formulations she singly creates, shakes, and tests on walls before they go on yours.

Gretchen's COLORWRIGHT™ Paint Formulations are expertly adapted and crafted to harmonize baggage in a home based on personal color attraction, chemistry, and connection. Her paint path leads to true love and colorful affairs in a house that lasts a lifetime.


COLORWRIGHT™ Consultation

COLORWRIGHT™ Wheel Collections

COLORWRIGHT™ Paint Pop Testers


CB Seashell-Matte™ Finish (Indoor Walls)

CB Silkworm-Satin™ Finish (Indoor Wall & Millwork)


Chalk-Style Talc-Matte (Indoor All Purpose)

Glaze Chiffon-Satin (Indoor All Purpose)

Glaze Chiffon-Satin (Outdoor All Purpose)

Furniture Chiffon-Satin (Indoor Millwork & Metal)

Furniture Chiffon-Satin (Outdoor Millwork & Metal)

Door Chiffon-Satin (Outdoor Millwork & Metal)

Foundation Primer (Indoor Millwork & Metal)

Foundation Primer (Outdoor Millwork & Metal)



"Gretchen's superpower is helping clients make their homes more than a dwelling place, but an extension of their identities. Her superpower isn't just a keen artistic eye for complementary palettes and lighting - although that's part of it. Her gift is in helping her clients discover the colors that speak to them and giving them permission to shine brightly!"

— Dianne, Homeowner, Cat Lover, Dance Enthusiast


"Gretchen created warm and engaging environments that make our families feel immediately comfortable no matter where they are from or their circumstances. She brought in so much color and vibrancy; it helps families to make memories immediately and allows our physical space to mirror our mission. Thanks to her, our Ronald McDonald house embodies compassionate hospitality."

Jessica Jarratt Miller, Empath, C.E.O, Ronald McDonald House Charities


"The colors Gretchen picked were nothing that we expected. They were loud, confident, yet soft and subtle somehow. It instantly reminded me of a ring I didn't purchase but had always regretted. A statement… large, bold, hand-pounded rustic sterling, yet so delicately surrounded by little diamond chips. The perfect balance!"

David, Homeowner, Passionate Wonderer, Whisky Lover


"I went into he appointment feeling so uncertain about my upcoming renovation and now I am beyond excited because I have the perfect plan and it reflects me and in some ways finally frees my house. Im so grateful for the gifts Gretchen gave me on just an hour FaceTime consult. Numinous experience." 

Jill, Homeowner, Conscious Creative, Intuitive Seeker


Gretchen has a different way of approaching a client relationship. How can she see the light – no light - in the bathroom, how can she understand what we are looking for over FaceTime? I thought I could have just as easily set the money on fire that we just paid. But boy did everything change after our first few minutes together. She picked up on minute details and immediately understood our style. WOW!

Debbie, Homeowner, Passionate Strategist, Art Enthusiast


Her process is worth every penny. Those color choices in my home reflect exactly how I want to live and create in my space, and she gave me the confidence to go all in. The colors are perfect, and the process was perfect. Thanks Gretchen for using your magic to make magic in my space.

Adrianne, Homeowner, Feminist Advocate, Avid Quilter


I was dangerously close to painting my whole house white, untilI got the chance to work with Gretchen who inspired me to paint the home in all kinds of absolutely gorgeous colors that all complement each other so beautifully in ways I never would have thought of on my own. I didn't realize how much color would matter to me in my home until I painted my office a deep, eggplant, or my kitchen a midnight blue, or my bedroom with a mauve accent wall.

—Julianne, Homeowner, Poetic Writer, Wild Explorer


“Thank you for bringing such powerful colors and an inspiring message to those who want to create in every part of their lives. Trust the color attraction! Trust yourself!”

— Janice @violinzy Homeowner, Extraordinary Violinist, Lover Of All Green Things

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Let Yourself Be Drawn By The Stronger Pull Of That Which You Truly Love ~ RUMI


A state of perpetual satisfaction that never goes away. Freedom to rise above self-doubt and temporary trends. A confident ability to know what you love from now on. An urge to dispose of colors that no longer serve you.

  1. Save Extra Money: No more spending good money on meaningless baggage once you paint a home that feels rich with satisfaction for years.
  2. Save Extra Time: Say goodbye to compulsively scrolling on Pinterest, DIY couple reels, and redundant design. Say hello to new creative pursuits.
  3. Know There's No Better Place to Be: Revel in the assurance that your home is your treasured sanctuary—there's no need to seek escape or yearn for anyone else's.
  4. Feel It's All Meant To Be: Thrill in the joy of coming home after being anywhere else, to a home that's as visually stunning as it is emotionally fulfilling.
What A Difference COLOR BAGGAGE Makes by Color Baggage


Do you ever think your home doesn't feel quite right or is ever finished?

Blame it on your walls.

Wall color, as the largest and most dominant feature in any home, holds the power to shape our environment, influencing our mood and perception with intangible waves of energy and ambiance. It's no wonder we yearn for spaces that look as good as they feel. However, it's easier to leave walls blank and fill our homes with decorative baggage that ends up cluttering not only our physical space but also our confidence and the environment.

Trusting ourselves with choosing paint colors is a daunting task, but a crucial step towards creating spaces that resonate with our true selves — spaces that are not only visually stunning but emotionally fulfilling.

In a painted world of color indecision and painting breakdowns, Gretchen Schauffler's color consultation empowers you to confidently make everything, including baggage you don't love, beautiful and meant to be with a vision of true love, realizing your home's full potential and your own.


1-Color Love Affairs. Say goodbye to surface-level color choices and hello to a deep connection with your home, your life, and YOU.

2-One-of-a-kind Virtual Experience. Get ready for a soulful color journey about YOU, not some expert telling you what to do. You'll tune in to your inner voice, not your inner critic, from anywhere in the country.

3-Lifetime Commitment. We're not just here for a one-night stand. We're devoted to creating lifelong color love affairs you'll cherish forever. No more fear of color mishaps, judgment, or a home that's never quite "done."

4-Expertly Crafted Colors. Our founder, Gretchen Schauffler, is a color genius who's done the hard work of blending and testing every color herself. She's saved thousands of homes from colorless boredom and helped the planet dodge giant heaps of discarded trends.

5-Freedom from Color Doubts. Say goodbye to color doubt and hello to an empowering relationship with color. Trust your instincts and watch as your home comes to life with confidence!

6-Meaningful White Walls. Find out if you truly adore the color white and learn how to transform your space from a dull echo chamber to a symphony of style.

7-Continuous Support. We're not just here for a one-time purchase. We're here for you, offering ongoing support, advice, and adjustments to your color plan.

8-Environmental Consideration. We're passionate about creating a colorful world that's eco-friendly and sustainable. Say goodbye to toxic fumes and hello to a planet-friendly paint option.

9-Emotional Consideration. We're not just a paint company; we're a movement. Join us in the quest to revolutionize how people use color in interior design, unlocking homes' full potential and empowering you to live in full color.

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