There's unconditional color baggage that lives inside us, cravings and attractions for colors we will always love. Unpack this baggage and to paint a better color, and experience self-love at first sight, every day!

— Gretchen Schauffler.



Synchronized Palette

Gretchen's master color palette synchronized to harmonize.

Harmonized Collections

Harmonized paint combinations to test your color intuition, cravings and attractions.

Guided Destinations

Unpack your color baggage with Gretchen to see everything in a new light.



Meet Color Baggage


Color Baggage, by Gretchen Schauffler, is a color journey with auspicious colors and patterns that work with your intuition to make ordinary environments brilliantly sensational.

Gretchen's Philosophy

There's unconditional color baggage that lives inside us, cravings and attractions for colors we will always love. When we claim our homes with this baggage of affection, we live in a state of love at first sight, every day.

Gretchen's Inspiration

During the '70s, Gretchen enjoyed frolicking on Caribbean beaches all day and dancing in Discotheques at night. Clearly, seashells and Qiana dresses played an influential role in developing her new paint recipes and design style, or what she calls her continental bohemian groove. Her passion for great vibes, pure energy, color synchronization, and painless paint pleasure makes her the renowned, trusted color expert and maker she is known for today.

Gretchen's Mission

"In life, as it is with color, when we listen to our intuition and choose connection over perfection and aspiration over approval, we are free to reach our desired destinations. I empower people to claim their baggage and trust who they are and what they love by aiming true. The rest will sort itself out." — G.

A Synchronized Master Palette

Gretchen Schauffler's color work is based on reminiscent colors, eternally present in nature and previous lifetimes. These colors are magnetized together by a paint constellation that connects time and space, revealing and reinforcing color relationships, memories, and experiences that nourish our true nature and synchronize the way you want to feel in your home every day. To trust and test their chemistry and connection with your color baggage at home, Gretchen offers every color in Color Pop three-oz paint testers that cover a 2'x4' area, quarts, gallons, and drums.

Auspicious Patterns

Gretchen Schauffler is a Puerto Rican transplant deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest. She combines the nature of color and patterns with soulful symbolism, universal experiences, and spiritual wisdom. Her auspicious patterns and animal motifs honor Earth and the totem animals that have presented themselves to support her along her journey as a source of empowerment and guidance.

Color Guided Journeys

For over 20 years, Gretchen has used her intuitive guidance, education, experience, and products to unpack people's color baggage and deliver transformative color palettes with the emotional power to make everything in an environment beautiful and meaningful overnight, regardless of trends or circumstances. For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction; sensations of connection, alignment, and aspiration are so palpable it inspires others to want the same for themselves and the world.


To Whom It May Delight:

Welcome to my bag of wisdom, a color-liberating journey, a world beyond pretty or trendy colors.

Almost everything has been said about paint color. Almost.

Intuitively, everyone knows that paint color is the fastest and cheapest way to change an environment, only if it would be the easiest to choose. It should be, but CLEARLY, it isn't. Most people struggle with choosing paint colors. They spend hours and hours scrolling late at night through design feeds, looking at the same wall colors over and over again, splitting hairs over nuances and differences. Then they spend hours and hours at a paint store, looking at paint chips, buying quart samples to test the colors. Still, they often end up making mistakes, settling for less, or playing it safe— as if paint color was an unsure bet. 

The palette you seek lives inside you.

What hasn't been stated clearly enough about paint color is that you are the color expert of your life—from the day you're born. That makes you the palette. There's the unconditional color baggage that lives inside of YOU. You are attracted to and crave your unique blend of color experiences and relationships. When you use this bag of affection to paint your home, it feels like living in a state of love-at-first-sight every day. 

This is a gift that keeps on giving—reconnecting us to the world around us, especially during times of change and uncertainty when we need to grow towards our light.

This is the "color baggage" I brought with me when I moved from San Juan, Puerto Rico, To Portland, Oregon in the 1980s, which might as well have been across the Universe. I found myself homesick, swimming contrary to current trends, culture, and a rainy climate that wouldn't quit for months at a time. 

In a mass-produced world of hunter greens, cobalt blues, and cranberry reds, my baggage had me craving sassy corals, lively limes, crystal aquas, and bottomless indigos.

Needless to say, I stood out like a lime-green thumb.

I made it a mission to make "myself" my home by rummaging through garage sales to find old versions of my color cravings, no longer manufactured but still loved—not to be different but as an act of self-worth. 

When I created paint colors to fulfill my Universe, something remarkable happened. 

There was a powerful sense of self-worth that didn't need to be excused or explained. The edges where colors met had no boundaries, making the eye travel freely from one shade to another in delightful ways. The spaces felt so personal, inclusive, and memorable; others couldn't help but want those kinds of feelings for themselves with their own color baggage. They asked for my help.

I led others down the same color liberation journey.

Here is what you need to know about yourself before you can transform a space; trends are mass-produced, but your color attractions, chemistry, and color connections are custom-made, and you can't afford to be anyone else. Paint has the illusional power to make everything in a place feel fabulous and meaningful overnight, regardless of circumstances or trends. All you have to do is trust what you see and feel. 

When you pick and paint your walls and ceilings with my seamless color harmonies, I promise you that the rest of your baggage will work itself out.

Side-effects include:

♥️ A state of wonder, delight, and satisfaction that never goes away.

♥️ A healthy disregard for what others think about wall colors. 

♥️ Freedom from codependency on trends that make you feel irrelevant.

♥️ A confident ability to see what you love quickly and more clearly.

♥️ An urge to dispose of what no longer serves you.

May your home be your whole kit-and-kaboodle; reflective, colorful, eclectic, quaint, meaningful, dynamic, affectionate, expressive, inspiring, biographical, and reminiscent. May you live with a deep sense of delight and satisfaction that can only come from who you are, where you've been, and love!

And So It Is.

Yours, G


As a painter, you may prefer to drive a particular car brand and use a particular paint brand.

Paint brands are a lot like cars. All regulations and parts are the same, but in cost, look, and feel, due to their engineering, they drive very differently. Having been a DIY painter all her life, Gretchen's commitment to liberating homeowners from color conflict and painting anxiety always results in the most beautiful and effortless paint applications. Gretchen wants homeowners to own their road. She engineered a colorful transformational ride from beginning to end! Technical Sheets are available below to ensure your safety.

Seashell Matte Interior

Designed by Gretchen Schauffler to make painting a personal journey and transcendent coloring ritual, CB Seashell-Matte™ inspired by the inside of a Bainbridge butter clam, makes the full-color range, from light-to-dark wall colors, look insanely rich and supple. This premium latex enamel comes in an exclusive color-blending yogurt-stirring paint formula that binds color and finish together into a velvety masterpiece.

Technical Data Sheet

Silkworm Satin Interior/Exterior

 Designed by Gretchen Schauffler to make painting a personal journey and transcendent coloring ritual, CB Silkworm-Satin™ latex enamel will give you the hardness and durability of oil with latex color retention and conveniences. The look of this new silk sheen elevates color reflection to a whole new level. Brushstrokes melt away, delivering phenomenal flow, leveling, anti-sag, anti-drip. The durable interior/exterior finish makes it an ideal product for residential and commercial interior or exterior millwork, wood, masonry, and metal substrates. It's a weather-resistant enamel with excellent resistance to blocking.

Technical Data Sheet

We offer a professional painter's discount and ask you to please pass this value to the homeowner. We can always do so on your behalf.

May you enjoy all journeys as much as their destinations —G

If you have any questions, please email


Gretchen Schauffler worked with regional, national, and international paint manufacturers to create the powerhouse cult brand, Devine Color, Color Therapy From The Northwest, in 2001. Devine took the paint industry by storm with a feminist perspective, putting women in charge of their own paint color experiences with color tools and formulas fashioned after the cosmetic industry, thus changing how paint companies market and sell paint today. Devine was purchased by Valspar Paint in 2009, followed by the acquisition of both Valspar Paint and Devine Color by Sherwin Williams in 2018. After a five-year non-compete in the paint industry, Gretchen decided it was time to stir things up again! 

She chose Diamond Vogel to share her color mission and engineer her new paint recipes. 

Gretchen works directly with their chemist to formulate her colors into proper wall sizes to ensure color harmony, cohesion, and trust in what you see and feel. Most of all, deliver the ultimate coloring transformation ritual for your home. Each gallon is the product of Gretchen's artistic process.

Gretchen teamed up with MegaPrint, which operates out of Plymouth, NH, a small college town located in the Lakes Region and near the White Mountains, to develop and produce the highest quality wallcovering products available to Consumers and Businesses worldwide. In addition to her stunning colors and designs, all materials are made in America and meet stringent standards for sustainability (NSF/ANSI 342), Fire (NFPA Life Safety Code 101), and Indoor Air Quality CA-1350 standards.


Gretchen's professional success story as a Boricua Latina entrepreneur began when she used her educational experience in Art Therapy, Architecture, Fashion Design, and Graphic Design to create a powerhouse cult brand called Devine Color, Color Therapy From The Northwest, in 2001. 

Devine took the paint industry by storm with a feminist perspective, putting women in charge of their own paint color experiences with color tools and formulas fashioned after the cosmetic industry, thus changing how paint companies market and sell paint today.

Her brand was acquired nine years later by Valspar Paint, where she held the position as a brand consultant. Following the brand's elimination due to Sherwin Williams's acquisition of Valspar, and Devine Color, Gretchen and her husband and business partner for more than two decades both walked away with a five-year non-compete in the paint industry until 2020, thus ending her chapter with Devine Color.

A lot happened in those five years.

Gretchen began practicing mediation, which opened new channels of creativity and possibility. 

She became a board member of the Alzheimer's Association, Oregon Chapter . She developed a color protocol called Color With Benefits focusing on using color in meaningful ways to benefit memory, dementia patients, and caregivers. She also used it to coordinate the Oregon Ronald McDonald Houses in Oregon. 

In 2018 Gretchen launched DIP Design Is Personal providing high-quality, stylish, customizable DIY home improvement products. Three years later, DIP Design Is Personal became a 5-star review DIY home improvement brand. DIP is sold online at and across all major U.S. retailers, including Target, Wayfair, Home Depot, Lowes, and Amazon.

The end of her non-compete in 2020 coincided with the exiting of her Second Saturn Return, an earth-quaking global pandemic, catalytic social events, and the birth of her first grandchild, born on a once-in-a-lifetime Blue Moon. 

She was ready and had been perfectly seasoned for her comeback.

Stirringly Good

When you expand yourself and ground your home with a colorful sense of confidence and abundance, you create a world of belonging.