About Gretchen Schauffler

Gretchen's professional success story as a Boricua Latina entrepreneur began when she used her educational experience in Art Therapy, Architecture, Fashion Design, and Graphic Design to create a powerhouse cult brand called Devine Color, Color Therapy From The Northwest, in 2001. 

Devine took the paint industry by storm with a feminist perspective, putting women in charge of their own paint color experiences with color tools and formulas fashioned after the cosmetic industry, thus changing how paint companies market and sell paint today.

Her brand was acquired nine years later by Valspar Paint, where she held the position as a brand consultant. Following the brand's elimination due to Sherwin Williams's acquisition of Valspar, and Devine Color, Gretchen and her husband and business partner for more than two decades both walked away with a five-year non-compete in the paint industry until 2020, thus ending her chapter with Devine Color.

A lot happened in those five years.

Gretchen began practicing mediation, which opened new channels of creativity and possibility. 

She became a board member of the Alzheimer's Association, Oregon Chapter . She developed a color protocol called Color With Benefits focusing on using color in meaningful ways to benefit memory, dementia patients, and caregivers. She also used it to coordinate the Oregon Ronald McDonald Houses in Oregon. 

In 2018 Gretchen launched DIP Design Is Personal providing high-quality, stylish, customizable DIY home improvement products. Three years later, DIP Design Is Personal became a 5-star review DIY home improvement brand. DIP is sold online at designispersonal.com and across all major U.S. retailers, including Target, Wayfair, Home Depot, Lowes, and Amazon.

The end of her non-compete in 2020 coincided with the exiting of her Second Saturn Return, an earth-quaking global pandemic, catalytic social events, and the birth of her first grandchild, born on a once-in-a-lifetime Blue Moon. 

She was ready and had been perfectly seasoned for her comeback.

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