Welcome to Color Baggage! From the brilliant mind of Gretchen Schauffler, creator of Devine Color, a new coloring experience with the power to create true love in your life, starting at home. 

Gretchen's COLORWRIGHT™ Paint Formulations are divinely crafted, synchronized-to-harmonize a home based on personal color attraction, chemistry, and connection. Her painting paths lead to true love and colorful affairs in a house that lasts a lifetime. 

She chose the family-owned 97-year-old Diamond Vogel Paint Company as her paint manufacturer due to their mad engineering paint-making skills and commitment to honoring her synchronized-to-harmonize COLORWRIGHT™ paint formulations she singly creates, shakes, and tests on walls before they go on yours

Gretchen shows people how they can become masters of their colorful history and a home that celebrates their life by feeling meaningful, beautiful and complete—baggage and all, across style, trends, or status.

Her own color baggage journey with paint started right after she became a mother and moved the "motherhood." Taking a leap of faith, she quit her job and began to explore paint and color in her home vehicle of belonging and connection. What she created was a painted path to true love for others to follow. She started by blending paint colors, making glazes, and harmonizing shades, tints, and tones based on attraction, chemistry, and connection. Then, she used her walls as giant canvases to experiment with different color interchanges. She believes color is magnetic, harmony runs through the universe, and her paint buckets can lead to profound personal growth and transformation.

Over 25 years and 4,000 color home transformations later, Gretchen's work continues to reinforce that color is not just an aesthetic choice but a powerful tool for creating harmony and transforming lives with a sense of belonging and true love. 


2001— Gretchen Schauffler creates the cult paint brand Devine Color, Color Therapy From The Northwest. Devine achieves sky rocketing success and becomes a catalyst in the American Paint Industry.  

2007— Gretchen negotiates a deal with Sherwin-Williams.

2008— Stock market crashes washing away Sherwin-Williams’ acquisition of Devine Color.

2009— Gretchen sells Devine Color to Valspar Paint in a Search-And Rescue Mission. She consults for the company for 5 years. 

2015— She is released with a 5-year non-compete in the paint industry. Sherwin-Williams announces the acquisition of Valspar along with Devine

2017— Sherwin-Williams buys Valspar and discontinues Devine. Gretchen becomes a board member of the Alzheimer's Association, develops and implements Color With Benefits, a protocol she develops for care facilities, including Ronald McDonald houses.

2018— Gretchen creates and launches DIP, Design Is Personal DIY home improvement products. DIP becomes a five-star brand sold online across major U.S. retailers, including Target, Wayfair, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart.

2020— Five-Year non-compete ends. Covid begins.

2022— She creates a new brand called Color Baggage and writes a book by the same title.

2023— She gets a book agent. Crafts COLORWRIGHT™ paint formulations and gets a color tinting machine. Launches Color Baggage along with CB Project Paint at Lowes

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