2001— Gretchen Schauffler creates the cult paint brand Devine Color, Color Therapy From The Northwest. Devine achieves sky rocketing success and becomes a catalyst in the American Paint Industry.  

2007— Gretchen negotiates a deal with Sherwin-Williams.

2008— Stock market crashes washing away Sherwin-Williams’ acquisition of Devine Color.

2009— Gretchen sells Devine Color to Valspar Paint in a Search-And Rescue Mission. She consults for the company for 5 years. 

2015— She is released with a 5-year non-compete in the paint industry. Sherwin-Williams announces the acquisition of Valspar along with Devine. 

2017— Sherwin-Williams buys Valspar and discontinues Devine. Gretchen becomes a board member of the Alzheimer's Association, develops and implements Color With Benefits, a protocol she develops for care facilities, including Ronald McDonald houses.

2018— Gretchen creates and launches DIP, Design Is Personal DIY home improvement products. DIP becomes a five-star brand sold online across major U.S. retailers, including Target, Wayfair, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart.

2020— Five-Year non-compete ends. Covid begins.

2022— She creates a new brand called Color Baggage and writes a book by the same title.

2023— She gets a book agent. Crafts paint. Gets a color tinting machine. Launches Color Baggage Wallpaper, along with CB Project Paint, at Lowes.



There's colorful baggage that lives inside us, cravings and attractions for colors we unconditionally love because they bring us so much joy. When we intentionally use this baggage to paint our environments and mirror this joy, we soak up the natural consequences.

Color Baggage by Gretchen Schauffler is a painting practice with masterful color harmonies to represent your home and your life in the most confident colorful way.

Side-Effects May Include:

  • A state of perpetual deep satisfaction.
  • Freedom to rise above temporary trends. 
  • A confident ability to own what you love. 
  • An urge to dispose of colors that no longer serve.

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