When you experience a sunset shining through a window, the rich, deep, endless ocean blues, or get lost in the details of color strokes on a canvas. These moments are transcendent. They elevate your mind and expand your world with abundance. You're not just looking or thinking about something but feeling the fullness of life in something.

That's precisely how you should feel every day of your life when you walk in through your front door. Using magnetic color dynamics to paint an inclusive palette of colors throughout your home is a potent source of beauty and energy in your life. It expands your sense of the world beyond what you see.

That's not what most people do. They paint one room at a time.

This is how so many people end up with neglected living rooms where they don't feel the fullness of life, let alone transcendence. No sign of life there. The living room was once alive, but now that the family room and kitchen have been updated, the rooms are no longer speaking to each other.

Ever walk into a home that feels so right, but you can't pinpoint why? A space that makes you want to look around and know about those who dwell there? A home that isn't decorated or trendy but inter-connected in ways that inspire you. They make you want to feel the same about your space, your stuff, and your life.

That's how it feels when we are aligned with the unconditional color baggage that lives inside us, cravings and attractions for colors we will always love. These are homes where rooms feel genuinely loved rather than stuck looking like time capsules, earmarked by specific color combinations that defined the time's decade, movement, or style.

The color choices you have to make are not the ones you think!

There's the unconditional color baggage that lives inside of you. Your unique blend of color experiences results in color relationships you are attracted to and crave for a reason. These are color relationships that you will need later in life and express in joyful ways. They will enrich your well-being and amplify your daily life to make life's constant change sweeter.

Then there is the conditional color baggage, the kind that has you coming and going at the mercy of trends. Living with cherry wood cabinets that aged a lousy shade of "Ron Burgundy" and rooms neutrally decorated to look timeless but turn out to be intolerant of any other color. These homes never feel finished or full because trends change.

Magnetic color dynamics turn painting into a transformative ritual with the emotional power to make everything in an environment beautiful and meaningful overnight, regardless of trends or circumstances, attracting more of the same.

Once you surrender to attraction, choose connection over perfection, and aspiration over approval, the rest of the baggage works itself out.

You won't be able to pass that living room without feeling its beautiful presence in your home and in your life.

In the name of self-care!

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