Color Baggage Indoor Chalk-Style Project Paint colors are smooth, rich, and charmingly tough. Bonus, no need to seal it with clear wax to protect the finish. Color formulations by artist Gretchen Schauffler combine ultra-rich pigmentation with a one-of-a-kind TALC-MATTE FINISH, elevating the visceral feeling of color to new heights, making it the most beautiful, effortless chalk Project Paint  to apply in the market. Give an old, worn-out cabinet or an ultra-modern piece a time-honored twist  with CB Project Paint.

  • The Most Beautiful And Effortless Paint To Apply
  • Fade-Resistant Deluxe Acrylic Latex
  • The Beauty Of Chalk With Latex Color Retention And Convenience

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Fun Fact: Did you know that chalk-style paint has its roots in ancient Egyptian times? Egyptians used a form of natural chalk-based paint to decorate their walls and furniture as early as 4,000 years ago. The use of chalk-based paint has endured throughout history, gaining popularity in various art movements, and continues to be a beloved choice for furniture refinishing and creative projects today.


Color Baggage is a paint path to true love, a colorful love affair with yourself and your home that lasts a lifetime.

Color Baggage 'Manifesto.'

Instead of trusting manufactured color trends that end, creating never-ending goodwill piles of regret, self-doubt, and dissatisfaction when they are over, Gretchen Schauffler's Color Baggage uses people's personal color attractions, or baggage to meet a sense of belonging and connection with a bucket of paint leading to colorful destinations that go beyond walls with a powerful physical state of harmony every day. Her magnetizing paint colors and resolute paint ritual to create colorful atmospheres that profoundly influence the well-being of minds, bodies, souls, and homes'

Gretchen Schauffler's Mission

Gretchen's mission is to revolutionize how people use color in interior design to influence their lives with long-lasting confidence and self-fulfillment rather than rely on revolving manufactured color trends that make everyone look the same to feel like they belong.

Over the last two decades, Gretchen has personally assisted over 5K (and counting) colorless homes from feeling soulless, lost souls from living dissatisfied, and the planet from thousands of "goodwill" piles of regret in the future with her theory, magnetizing colors, and painting rituals. Read Gretchen's baggage journey here.



$30.00 USD