• Chiffon-Satin Indoor


  • The Most Beautiful And Effortless Paint To Apply
  • Low VOC Fade-Resistant Deluxe Acrylic Latex
  • The Beauty Of Oil With Latex Color Retention And Convenience

Gretchen Schauffler's groundbreaking high-pigment paint, faux-glaze formulations, and sheens are exclusive, crafted, concentrated, and canned for you to experience the richest project paint color in the market today. They come in a one-of-a-kind TALC-MATTE or CHIFFON SATIN finishes elevating the visceral feeling of color textures and visual effects to new heights. 

CB Project Paint Indoor Furniture Color gives you the hardness and durability of oil with latex color retention and conveniences. It is radiant, resilient, and strong. Brushstrokes melt away, delivering phenomenal flow, leveling, anti-sag, and anti-drip.

Gretchen's color baggage journey began as an artist who turned her feelings into art, then onto walls. Her art and heart were sold in galleries such as Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery in Seattle, Washington, White Bird Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon, Clarksville Pottery in Austin, Texas, and the Bellevue Art Museum before using walls as canvases. There was no turning back once she created faux finishes, murals, and paint colors from her art that became divine interventions in people's lives. (Read the unabridged version here).


Paint Affairs That Last A Lifetime. 

Color Baggage is a paint path to true love, a colorful love affair with yourself and your home that lasts a lifetime.

A Love 'Manifesto' Every Day.

Instead of trusting manufactured color trends that are loved then not, creating never-ending goodwill piles of regret, self-doubt, and dissatisfaction when they are over, Gretchen Schauffler's magnetic color theory, paint colors, and painting ritual creates colorful atmospheres that profoundly influence the well-being of minds, bodies, souls, and homes, with what she calls living in a 'love manifesto' every day.

Attraction. Belonging. Connection.

Color Baggage rewires how homes look and feel without needing to change a thing, leading to more beautiful, fulfilling, and deeply rooted destinations that support us daily, beyond walls, with attraction, belonging , connection, and a bucket of paint.

Personal Mission

Over the last two decades, Gretchen has personally assisted over 5K (and counting) colorless homes from feeling soulless, lost souls from living dissatisfied, and the planet from thousands of "goodwill" piles of regret in the future with her theory, magnetizing colors, and painting rituals.

Read how here.

Her mission is to revolutionize how people use color in interior design to influence their lives with long-lasting confidence and self-fulfillment rather than rely on manufactured color trends that make us look the same and eventually leave us empty to feel like we belong.


$30.00 USD