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Color Baggage Indoor Furniture Project Paint colors  give you the hardness and durability of oil with latex color retention and conveniences. It is radiant, resilient, and strong. Brushstrokes melt away, delivering phenomenal flow, leveling, anti-sag, and anti-drip. Color formulations by artist Gretchen Schauffler combine ultra-rich pigmentation with a one-of-a-kind CHIFFON SATIN FINISH, elevating the visceral feeling of color to new heights, making it the most beautiful, effortless Project Paint to apply in the market. Transform an ordinary piece of furniture into an object of desire with CB Project Paint.

  • The Most Beautiful And Effortless Paint To Apply
  • Low Voc Fade-Resistant Deluxe Acrylic Latex
  • The Beauty Of Oil With Latex Color Retention And Convenience

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Dear Painter,

As you know, paint brands are a lot like cars. All regulations and parts are the same, but they drive very differently due to their cost and engineering. Having been a DIY painter all my life (and a BMW engineering fan), I am committed to liberating homeowners from color conflict and painting anxiety and unleashing their creativity with the most beautiful and effortless paint application. Not to mention deeply satisfy their need for change and growth. I engineered a colorful transformational "the ultimate" paint ride from beginning to end so they could own both the road and the destination. Wishing you a vibrant and inspiring place that resonates with your true essence. —Gretchen

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Gretchen Schauffler believes that color is magnetic and harmony runs the Universe; therefore, she designed color relationships aligned in synchronicity to unlock your environment's full potential and transform your life with harmony. Her CB Master Palette has been digitally calibrated to visually reflect its harmonious attraction, chemistry, and connection to your baggage in real life. With Gretchen Schauffler's colors, anyone can create a space that reflects their true selves in visceral love-at-first-sight, visually stunning ways, and the realization that they are the colorful destination they seek.


Gretchen Schauffler's journey with painting started as a way to find belonging, growth, and expansion. Through her love for art, she discovered the power of color and how it could be used to create harmony in people's lives. She started blending paint colors, making glazes, and coordinating custom colors, using her walls as giant canvases to experiment with different color palettes. Drawing inspiration from the seven colors of the rainbow, she used the Color Wheel as a vehicle of enlightenment. She showed people how to become masters of their own color palettes. Using a bucket of paint as a creative and transformative ritual, anyone could paint their home in shades of belonging, affinity, and connection. Gretchen's work has shown that color is not just an aesthetic choice but a powerful tool for creating harmony and transforming lives. The color harmonies she creates are always unique, but the results are the same - where harmony exists, growth, prosperity, and possibility will follow.