"I am so amazed at the change in the whole feeling in there now. Thanks so much for. The only sad part for me is I don't think I have enough walls in my life." L.B.


"Gretchen's superpower is helping clients make their homes more than a dwelling place, but an extension of their identities. Her gift is in helping her clients discover the colors that speak to them and giving them permission to shine brightly! D.W


"I know clients and friends who have spent weeks, days, hours stressing and agonizing over paint colors, inside and out. When I realize this overwhelmed state, I refer my clients to Gretchen in a second." B.W.D.


"I am just stunned by this awakening in color choosing for my walls!! This was a completely new way for me of choosing color and the results are fabulous." D.D.


My clients pick up a bucket of paint and with each stroke of the brush, they create a world filled with shades of belonging and connection. They feel themselves growing out of their shell, expanding their vision and possibility. As they stepped into a new vision of life, they became more in tune with the world around them, full of endless possibilities, waiting to be rediscovered and explored through the transformative power of color.

"Wishing you a vibrant and inspiring place that resonates with your true essence."


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