Gretchen Schauffler created every color in Color Baggage as a source of genuine attraction, chemistry, and connection—already knowing they would unify and harmonize your spaces in spectacular ways. She kaboodled Octet and Trio paint testers for you to test your color chemistry and connection. Each color comes in three-oz paint testers. All colors are available in single testers, quarts, gallons, and 5-gallon drums. 

Color Baggage, by Gretchen Schauffler, is a liberating color journey that uses color as a dynamic force of energy and light to make painting a personal journey and transcendent coloring ritual. Gretchen's full-color range, from light-to-dark colors, comes in exclusive color-blended yogurt-stirring paint recipes that crush color and sheen together into a velvety masterpiece, connecting and synchronizing you and your environment with oneness and harmony

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