Hello friends! 

I want to share with you a little about my Paint Practice and the profound influence of color.

I had deep reservations when I decided to step back into color consulting. I wasn't sure if my worldview of color could be seen in the current climate, as in the misty haze of generic white and gray blanketing interior walls. That is until I decided to trust that my work didn't need to be seen as much as felt. My color consulting work has always been felt deeply in the hearts of my clients. The color experience, picking up a bucket of my paint, and wiping away their walls transformed their cardboard boxes into an expansive vibrational space, reflecting a deep sense of confidence and satisfaction. Everyone else could feel it, too. 

I have kept these stories in emails, comments, and texts. Which I went back and read this year. After much thought, meditation, and several color consultations I have done recently, I realized that I help people have influence over their lives through color. 

Real Influence

 Influence is defined as, “the power or capacity to cause an effect in indirect or intangible ways”. But, an alternative definition is from late 14c., an astrological term, "streaming ethereal power from the stars when in certain positions, acting upon character or destiny of men".

 When I looked up the root of the word "influence," I went from seeing color consulting beyond work and embracing it as my sacred duty. I decided to become, once again, the other alternative. 

This is the deal: we can’t all look the same because we have our own character and destiny to self-express and manifest. When we don’t do this, it feels like a never-ending dissatisfaction.

The other alternative is to live in a state of colorful self-confidence and abundance that feels meant to be, regardless of trends or circumstances, based on who you are and your one-of-a-kind-life. This is what I offer.

The Truth About Trendy Colors

We try on trends like we try on clothes. We watch them come and go. We flow with the transitions of life and know change is inevitable. 

However, there is something within each of us that is not easily subject to change.

There are colorful experiences and memories deeply rooted in our hearts that somehow became the unconditional colors we deeply love. When we see them, they feel like a connection rather than perfection. They taste like home and smell like hope. We feel them all at once, with all our senses, because they are based on our personal lives, stories, and journeys. Everyone has a unique, colorful state of mind that stands the test of time. Imagine having that feeling every time you walk in through your front door. You can see what I mean here✌️

The Confidence To Color Our Destinations 

The next time you are at a dinner party or out to coffee with a friend, ask them about the colors that influenced their lives. Our “color baggage” makes us the ultimate color influencer over our lives and homes. A small paint project like painting a table, a door, or faux finishing a dresser can lead to a greater sense of vision and connection. This is why I created CB Project Paint. Painting your walls transforms cardboard boxes into sanctuaries, oases, and heavens. What happens next has been and always will be remarkable because of how you feel beyond what you can see every time you walk through your front door. This is why I started The Paint Practice.

Here is a review from one of my latest clients. I had to look up the word numinous as well: 

"I was referred to Gretchen by a friend and was a little leery about the online aspect of the consult. Gretchen jumped right in, and in some sort of sacrament that felt like organized chaos, she began to spew out gem after gem, demonstrating her shamanic gifts. She told me things would happen that did- for example, she said you know what you want. I'm going to help you find it inside…and she did. She also had the capacity to just read and know things about the space she could have never known without some sort of gift. I went into the appointment feeling so uncertain about my upcoming renovation, and now I am beyond excited because I have the perfect plan, and it reflects me and, in some ways, finally frees my house. I'm so grateful for the gifts Gretchen gave me in just an hour of FaceTime consult. Numinous experience." —Jill

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