Devine Color: Reimagining True Love Through Color Baggage


The original Devine Color, Paint That Went On Like Yogurt, And Looked Like Chiffon color palettes and formulas do not exist today.

New environmental requirements and supply chains over the last 25 years have changed color formulas and paint formulations. All paint companies have matched and have versions of the old Devine colors, making them particularly hard to touch up. None did they ever feel the same.

After a long hiatus in the paint industry ( long story longer here ), I reimagined a colorful world again and named it Color Baggage By Gretchen Schauffler. When I began getting requests for old Devine Colors, I remastered them into new versions that reflect who I am today in light of true love and my divine relationship with color, or what I call my color baggage.

I chose the family-owned 97-year-old  Diamond Vogel Paint Company as my paint manufacturer due to their mad engineering paint-making skills and commitment to honoring my new synchronized-to-harmonize COLORWRIGHT™ paint formulations.

I singly create, shake, and test on walls before they go on yours.

My new COLORWRIGHT™ Paint Formulations are stunningly beautiful. I called them Seashell Matte and Silkworm Satin because they reflect versions of true love as I remember them from those sunrise-to-sunset years. Honoring the ancient Spanish forts, limestone Churches, and Quianna silk dresses I wore in the 70s.

My relationship with light, color, and true love started in Puerto Rico in the back seat of my parents' car.

In the late 60s, you didn't have seat belts to worry about. As a little kid, I could slide from side to side and look out these beautiful silver chrome windows that framed a most spectacular view of life while driving from my mother's and father's house to my grandparents' house during sunrises and sunsets.

Imagine seeing the light and color transform the world every day. Those sunsets and sunrises felt like true love. Being in that car was true love.

I remember seeing other cars going to different places and thinking, "Wow," those people are going to other places. I didn't wanna be in those cars or go where they were going. I wanted to go home.

Those memories, attractions, and meaningful, colorful experiences are the color baggage I brought with me when I moved to the Pacific Northwest and unpacked for my daughters when I became a mother. It is the color baggage that became Devine Color. (Listen to the story here)

I remastered my version of Devine Colors again so you can experience them in a new light. The start of the new CB Remastered Devine Collection is here.

CB Seashell-Matte for walls is inspired by the inner beauty of seashells. It gives you a flawless, beautiful, durable look and feel of limestone. Color reflection is densely rich, and touch-up is seamless. The formula is so rich and thick, like yogurt, mayo, ketchup, or mustard, that separation will occur, and water will rise to the top. You must stir very well before brushing, rolling, or spraying.

This is what I know to be true today. True love is not something you find; it's something you create. Devine Color was a creative act of true love. It never ended but grew into Color Baggage because true love lasts forever. Color Baggage. Color Baggage transforms spaces with true love, your color baggage—and a bucket of paint.

Feel free to contact me at  and share your Devine Color stories and how much you loved them in light of true love. If you have a request, I will put it at the top of the list.

From my bag to yours,

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