In the world of color, I witness incredible journeys of self-discovery and transformation. My clients, the true experts of their desires, embark on a quest to unlock their full potential. Let me tell you a story about a couple who faced a color roadblock, where their path to liberation took an unexpected turn.

Imagine a couple at a crossroads, unsure whether to renovate their home or find a new one. They were stuck, with the fireplace wall standing as a symbol of their challenges. Its rough cedar surface and an odd forest carving above added to their discontent. The wife sought my help, recognizing the need for change.

When I entered her home, I understood why the fireplace wall seemed insurmountable. But she had a vibrant personality, a love for color, and a whimsical spirit. Her appreciation for kitsch and the nostalgia of the 1960s architecture were remarkable. It became clear that her color baggage held the key to unlocking her home's hidden potential.

Together, we explored her color baggage, discovering rich subterranean browns and warm yellows in her fabrics and art. I asked her to envision a perfect shade of deep yellow sunshine, reminiscent of a Pendleton blanket. Suddenly, her abstract art came to life against this vibrant hue, shifting the focus away from the dominating fireplace. We discussed how the yellow would harmonize the wood beams and draw attention to the beautiful green view outside. I assured her that if she didn't like it, she could always paint over it later.

Filled with excitement, she began painting her walls with the chosen shade of yellow. When I visited again, I was greeted by her radiant hope and the tangible transformation that had taken place. The fireplace was no longer the center of attention; it was she who shone with newfound energy and synchronicity. The space exuded harmony and delight, reflecting the profound change within her. However, a true test awaited when her husband returned.

Unexpectedly, her husband confessed his dislike for yellow. Eventually, she made the difficult decision to leave him. It became clear that the fireplace was never the true roadblock. Instead, it revealed deeper issues within their relationship and the misalignment of their paths.

The journey of color and self-discovery is profound, where roadblocks are often deceiving. By embracing vibrant hues and unlocking our spaces' hidden potential, we gain insight into ourselves and our relationships. This couple's story serves as a reminder that true transformation lies within our hearts and minds, not external circumstances. May their tale inspire you to embark on your own color journey of self-realization, embracing the limitless possibilities that await.

From My Bag To Yours


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