Gretchen Schauffler, a visionary speaker, entrepreneur, and Boricua Latina artist, unlocks the transformative power of color for harmony, growth, and expansion. In her captivating talks, she shares her extraordinary journey of discovering color's profound impact on our well-being. Fearlessly experimenting with paint, she unlocked the potential of color to foster connection and belonging. With a simple bucket of paint, mindsets and environments can transform overnight with a new sense of self-awareness, confidence, and profound harmony. Gretchen Schauffler's talks deliver an unforgettable experience, inspiring growth, prosperity, and personal harmony through the transformative nature of color.


Speaking Mission

"I offer a first step to a colorful path and destination that is not the end of the journey but the beginning of a future you create for yourself and leave behind for others, like nature does, to be recycled, reimagined, or reinvented. — G

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