Easy to put up, reposition, or take down. They also come in Glue Down for something a little more permanent. Perfect for living room accent walls, entry accent walls, bathroom, and kitchen accent walls. Release your inner crafter and accent the drawers of a dresser, stair risers, back of furniture cabinets, or dress up a closet door.

  • High-Definition Inks
  • UV Printed 5 Years Anti-Fade
  • Luxury Soft Luster Finish 
  • Harmonized Color Palettes 
  • Installation Blueprint and Instructions Included 
  • Type A Fire-Rated For Flame Spread and Smoke-Developed 
  • Steam, Moisture, and Stain Resistant
  • Easy side-by-side installation map

*Also Available in GLUE-DOWN.


Gretchen Schauffler, a bold and adventurous Puerto Rican transplant living in the lush and evergreen Pacific Northwest, infused the excitement of her culture into the natural beauty of a place she now calls home. Inspired by this connection, Gretchen has created a collection of stunning wallpapers designed for every home and everyone. Her bold and vibrant designs showcase the best of both worlds, blending the tropical flavors of Puerto Rico with the earthy tones of the Pacific Northwest. Each pattern reflects a personal experience or memory, creating a unique and universal touch for every room. The cool and free-spirited essence of the West Coast, mixed with a refined and sophisticated continental flair, makes these one-of-a-kind patterns the embodiment of her Color Baggage philosophy. Gretchen has created something outstanding through her fearless design approach and commitment to inclusivity. Her wallpapers are not just decorations - they are works of art that capture the essence of her cultural roots and the natural world surrounding her.



Before installing it, do so in a cool, dry place if you plan to store your wallpaper.Each panel has extra material at the top and bottom (referred to as “bleed”).  Dry-assemble panels first (in the sequence) to pre-plan and view your layout.The wall must be clean and relatively smooth. Painted drywall is ideal for a flawless installation.As long as the adhesive remains clean, lift and reapply our peel-and-stick panels many times. 


Do not let the peel-and-stick backing stick to itself. The wallpaper will stretch and get ruined when you try to pry it apart. Fingerprints, dirt, and debris will affect the adhesive from sticking properly. Do not use on top of brick, cinderblock, highly-textured walls, or unpainted drywall. Remember, most not all ceilings and walls are perfectly straight. You may have to align your pattern to a level or plumb line.


Adjust the wallpaper panels straight by adjusting the overlap on the ceiling and letting the weight of the wallpaper hang straight before you peel off the entire backing. See steps


Included: Push-Pins, Squeegee, Instructions, Blueprint Installation Map 

You Will Need: Pencil | Ladder | Masking Tape | Utility knife | Straight edgeLevel Plumbline


Work right to left on your wall. Measure your panel width from the left corner and draw a straight line. You will align and adjust your panel straight between the corner and your marked line to ensure the straight alignment of your pattern.Peel off the top first inch of your wallpaper panel and overlap it on the ceiling above your wall. Let the panel hang and adjust at the top until it’s straight. Secure panel with pin-cushions at the top and bottom to view alignment and stabilize. Peel off the rest of the backing from the top down.Align and overlap the next panel by ½ inch to avoid a shrinkage seam due to room temperature shifts.Repeat this process until all panels are installed.Cut off excess bleed at top and bottom.


Panels can be lifted and reapplied many times as long as the adhesive remains clean.  


Do not force the paper, pull or stretch the product, or the pattern will not align. After final placement, use a dry paint roller or a soft towel to release air bubbles.Dust or wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth.


Gretchen Schauffler teamed up with MegaPrint, which operates out of Plymouth, NH, a small college town located in the Lakes Region and near the White Mountains, to develop and produce the highest quality wallcovering products available to Consumers and Businesses worldwide.

Gretchen's stunning colors and wallpaper designs are made in America and meet stringent standards for sustainability (NSF/ANSI 342), Fire (NFPA Life Safety Code 101), and Indoor Air Quality CA-1350 standards.

Superior Color | Vinyl Substrate | Top Digital Print Quality | Easy Peel-and-Stick Repositionable Application. 100% removable / ZERO residue. Comes with Blueprint Installation Map.

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