• 90 MINUTE Color Consultation With Gretchen
  • ONE wall and ceiling color palette and plan
  • TWO CB COLORWRIGHT™ Paint Gallons.


Once you purchase a Color Baggage consultation, you will receive confirmation of your purchase and a personal phone call to arrange appointment times available. After booking the appointment, you will be mailed a PDF with instructions and a list of what you need to be ready for our appointment. * If you have a time-sensitive situation or are currently in the middle of a color crisis, please contact (Gretchen) directly.


During your time together with Gretchen, you will unpack your color baggage together, dive into your space's unique features, from hard surfaces to fabrics and art, and explore the color dynamics of your surroundings, discussing how different hues work together (or don't!) to create an epic harmonic color resonance that will shake you to your core, reshape the way you live with color, and have everyone else humming to the vibration. The remainder of your time will be spent developing a color palette and placement suggestions to help you bring everything together seamlessly. You will have a clear paint path to true love, a baggage destination plan, and a color-mapping blueprint. 


You will order color samples and test them according to PDF instructions. Gretchen will continue to answer any further questions you have throughout your journey until the day you reach your baggage destination.


48 Hours.


And A Star Was Born.

On a rainy day in early fall, we (my husband) decided it was time to repaint our hall bathroom. You know the drill, no natural light, distinctive tile and only a few years since the major remodel happened. I liked the current paint and would have been happy to leave it alone, but my husband started painting big squares of whatever light color paint we had in the cabinet all over the walls. A project was born. We live in a 1960’s one level ranch, and live by the motto – use one neutral color throughout most of the house to make it flow and look larger, then enhance with art. We did what everyone does next; we got the color fan from a local paint store and spent endless hours trying to find “the perfect color”. It didn’t come to us, and soon we realized we needed help figuring something out as this didn’t fall into the category of our trusted neutral color (believe me, it was one of the large patches painted on the bathroom walls.) We had a designer over (for a different project) and brought her into the bathroom and placed the color wheel into her hands with the hope that she would open it up and reveal to us the color that would once again transform the bathroom into a beautiful and cohesive space. She shuddered and said she was not comfortable picking paint colors as it was much harder than we probably realized…..oh no, I said, we know how hard this is (it was now late Spring). After a few weeks I wrote to the designer and asked for the contact information for her friend who specializes in helping people pick paint colors. She sent me Gretchen Schauffler’s information. I immediately called Gretchen and she had me go to my computer and pull up her website.  After we talked for a few minutes, she pointed out she had been the owner of Devine Color; of course! I remember Devine Color and was now even more excited to work with Gretchen. Come over I screamed in my mind….TODAY! However, Gretchen has a different way of approaching a client relationship. She had me sign up for a one hour “FaceTime” walkthrough where I am at my house, and she is at her office. What? How can she see the light – no light - in the bathroom, how can she understand what we are looking for? I thought I could have just as easily set the money on fire that we just paid, and probably would have come out ahead of our looming hour. But boy did everything change after our first few minutes together. We started at our front door and did a walkthrough of the house. She picked up on minute details and immediately understood our style. WOW! She used words like Atmosphere, Richness and Vitality and married them with words like Air, Grounding and Energy. “Gretchen, just tell me what color to paint the bathroom – PLEASE. I have no idea what you are talking about!”  Once an educator, always an educator; Gretchen kept talking to us until we understood and felt what she was showing us. And a star was born! I am naturally referring to our hall bathroom, you remember the beginning of this tragic story. Once remodeled and then defaced when my Husband decided he didn’t really like the current paint color. Gretchen gave us a choice of TWO COLORS. Hallelujah! Throw away the paint fan, we can make this kind of decision……well. after we order the two colors in the 1.5-ounce test size! As I end this tale, I wanted to let you know that not only do we have color suggestions for the hall bathroom, we also have a plan for the dining room, living room, entryway and bedroom hallway, the family room, laundry area (dubbed the room of doors) and our master bedroom and bathroom. Can’t say enough good things about our journey down the Color Baggage rabbit hole. —Debbie, Homeowner & Art Enthusiast


Gretchen came to our home and read the entire scene. She has this amazing ability to read a space and take a truly holistic inventory. With her wisdom and experience, she helped me create a color palate that complimented the ENTIRE setting.—Megan, Homeowner & Nature Lover

The Perfect Balance!

We learned about Gretchen when we decided to paint the entire inside of our newly purchased 1932 home thirteen years ago. We did not have the talent to pick the colors ourselves, so we searched for help from color professionals. Before we found Gretchen, we had used four others. It was painful. We did not connect with any of them and wasted much time and money. When we were about to try picking the colors ourselves, we found Gretchen Schauffler. The minute she walked in the door, we knew she was the one. In about thirty seconds, she told us exactly what needed to be done, with zero hesitation… my type of gall! I was so relieved to finally find the one. I thought I would have to pick the colors myself, which I knew would not be good. The colors Gretchen picked were nothing that we expected. They were loud, confident, yet soft and subtle somehow. It instantly reminded me of a ring I didn't purchase but had always regretted. A statement… large, bold, hand-pounded rustic sterling, yet so delicately surrounded by little diamond chips. The perfect balance! We still love the colors in our house that Gretchen picked for us years ago. I honestly think they will last a lifetime.

We recently met up with Gretchen again, twelve years later, when we decided to remodel our kitchen. We had decided to go with color custom appliances but were overwhelmed with the color choices available. There were at least twenty different shades of each color. She has a great way of making everything in the house flow, and our kitchen has always been the eye sore in our house. Our kitchen designer said that the appliances we picked would not go with our house because they were not the right style. I wasn't sold on her comment. In my mind, these retro appliances just had to become a part of our house, and we needed a second opinion. We knew to ask Gretchen because she is really honest and blunt. She makes it clear if she doesn't like something and will not be shy to tell you. We sent her photos of the appliances and set up a meeting.

"When she first walked into our house, she proudly stopped to look at the colors she had picked so many years prior... she was very proud and still very confident with her past decision-making. Moving to the kitchen, she says, "you have two choices, red or blue. Which one do you want?" I was shocked that she could narrow it down to just two colors in about two seconds, but first, I asked if she even approved of the style of appliances. She looked at me as though I was an idiot. "Are you kidding me? These are gorgeous and would fit in anyone's kitchen if they knew how to put them together." I was so excited and floored at her confidence once more.

Once we picked the color, we all met at Ann Saks Tile to pick out the rest of the kitchen. It was like watching a modern-day Picasso at work. She picked out the wall color, kitchen tile, flooring, cabinet, and trim colors… everything we would need in our kitchen in one hour. She even picked the grout color. No detail is too small for her. She is the most incredible color consultant out there. I honestly dare you to find someone better. It just won't happen!! Gretchen Schauffler is the color whisperer." —David, Homeowner & Whisky Lover


I was referred to Gretchen by a friend and was a little Leary about the online aspect of the consult. Gretchen jumped right in and in some sort of sacrament that felt like organized chaos she began to spew out gem after gem demonstrating her shamanic gifts. She told me things would happen that did- for example she said you know what you want Im going to help you find it inside…and she did. She also had the capacity to just read and know things about the space she could have never known without some sort of gift. I went into he appointment feeling so uncertain about my upcoming renovation and now I am beyond excited because I have the perfect plan and it reflects me and in some ways finally frees my house. Im so grateful for the gifts Gretchen gave me on just an hour FaceTime consult. Numinous experience. —Jill, Homeowner, Conscious Creative

I Like Balance, Not Symmetry.

Your consultation process was easy and made sense to me. During the FaceTime consultation, "we" walked the neighborhood near my house and my yard/building site, so you could see what was already there. My street is part of a development built in the mid-50s — large lots with mostly ranch-style homes with mature trees and shrubbery and even some front yard vegetable gardens. An elementary school is a half block from my house, and neighbors range from families with toddlers to 90-somethings who've lived there for decades. We also talked some about my style influences (living in the Midwest in a mid-century modern house in the '60s and in Asia), my "color story" (mom was red-green color blind, so I grew up in homes with lots of natural wood, modern teak furniture with blue and gold upholstery, and oriental carpets), and that I'm a quilter and dyer. I like classic and timeless, not "trendy;" I like balance, not symmetry.Your recommendations based on all that made sense to me. Crisp neutral colors (lighter grey body, white trim, black roof) to give my house "edges" so it's visible among all the trees and shrubs, but with grace notes of a natural wood door and posts/trim for the covered front patio. The quilting studio in the back gets a white roof that contrasts with the house roof, the same white trim as the house, but a vivid color all its own (jay blue or a bright coral) indicative, if you will, of the creativity it houses. —Nancy, Homeowner & Quilting Enthusiast


Gretchen Schauffler is a Colorwright artist who expertly adapts and crafts wall paint colors that synchronize all living areas throughout a home in extraordinary ways.

Gretchen's COLORWRIGHT™ Paint Formulations are expertly adapted and crafted to harmonize good and bad color baggage in a home based on personal color attraction, chemistry, and connection. Her paint path leads to true love and colorful affairs in a home that that last a lifetime.

CB Seashell-Matte™ Interior Wall Finish is more than just paint; it's a masterpiece inspired by the inner beauty of seashells. It gives you a flawless, beautiful, durable look and feel of limestone, the building block of seashells, chalk, marble, and coral in an exclusive deluxe acrylic paint formula. This gives our masterful color harmonies a visual and visceral energy that resonates deep in our bones. Experience the transformative effects of CB Seashell Matte, where wall colors carry the stories of ancient seas and the enduring spirit of connection.

  • Masterful COLORWRIGHT™ Harmony 
  • Flawless Limestone Look
  • High Pigment Concentrate
  • Seamless Touch-ability 

CB Silkworm Satin™ Interior Trim Finish is more than just paint; it embodies the wondrous miracle of silk and its shimmering properties while delivering the unparalleled quality of our exclusive deluxe acrylic paint formula. Silkworms embody the energy and spirit of alchemy and transformation that resonates deeply in our hearts. Silk unfailingly represents beauty, luxury, and the rich tapestry of human history and tradition. Therefore, it is the perfect muse to echo the reflective, energetic side of color.

  • Masterful COLORWRIGHT™ Harmony 
  • Organic Silk Shimmer Look 
  • High Pigment Concentrate
  • Fabulous Spray & Roll


Separation Will Occur

CB MATTE FORMULAS are so limestone, rich and thick, like yogurt, mayo, ketchup, or mustard, separation will occur, and water will rise to the top. You must stir very well before brushing, rolling, or spraying. CB SATIN FORMULAS formulas are so silky, smooth, and buttery that using a great brush or a smooth roller is best to lather your surfaces. You must stir very well before brushing, rolling, or spraying.

Two Coats Is Always Better Than One

In nail polish terms, a double coat doubles the richness of the color. One generous coat will cover the wall. Two coats will blanket the surface perfectly even, making the color look twice as rich and, logically, protecting the wall with more paint, making it twice as durable.

A little goes a long way.

Surface preparation is always a must. Walls need to be clean, dry, and able to have paint adhere. After you paint, store your paint in smaller containers to keep it air-tight. Think canning and store paint in canning jars like canned fruits. Leave a little air at the top, and seal well.


Paint brands are a lot like cars. All regulations and parts are the same but drive differently due to cost and engineering. As a paint applicator, you will find our paint effortless to apply. Ours is a joy ride.

See Technical Sheets + Support


Color Baggage® is not responsible for how the products are used or the condition of the surfaces they are applied to. If any issues arise with the product itself, Color Baggage® will solely offer a replacement and will not be held accountable for any matters beyond the replacement of the product.


Gretchen Schauffler's Colorwright™ journey with paint started right after she became a mother and moved the "motherhood." Taking a leap of faith, she quit her job and began to explore paint and color in her home vehicle of belonging and connection. What she created was a painted path to true love for others to follow. She started by blending paint colors, making glazes, and harmonizing shades, tints, and tones based on attraction, chemistry, and connection. Then, she used her walls as giant canvases to experiment with different color interchanges.

Using what is now her own COLORWRIGHT™ spin on interior wall color and her customized paint formulas, she showed people how they could become masters of their colorful history and a home that celebrated their life by feeling beautiful and complete—baggage and all, across style, trends, or status.

Gretchen's work over the last 20 years has shown that color is not just an aesthetic choice but a powerful tool for creating harmony and transforming lives. The color proportion, consonance, and energy she produces are unique, resulting in exciting connections that foster true love and harmony in a home. Gretchen believes color is magnetic, harmony runs through the universe, and her paint buckets can lead to profound personal growth and transformation.

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Gretchen Schauffler Color Consulting - Personalized Color Expertise

$450.00 USD